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Mission statement

Our mission is to offer the first line of support and guidance to people that have been impacted by gender-based violence in order to help them to initiate a process of change within themselves. We provide an anonymous safe space in which individuals can feel comfortable speaking about their experience. Violet is also an entry point service for victims, family or friends of victims and uses a victim-centred approach, recognising that everyone has a right to be protected from gender-based violence. Violet runs on the following generally recognised principles:

  • Show respect by showing care, treating the victim with dignity and respecting the decisions of the victim.
  • Keep confidentiality.
  • Ensure the safety of the victim.
  • Non-discrimination.
  • Empower the service user to reach out to other services/make a report.      

Violet recognises that every person is unique, has different reactions to gender-based violence according to their different strength and coping mechanisms and the victim knows best their needs.