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Aditus Foundation 
Focus on advocacy, on constantly pushing the bar higher and higher in order to achieve stronger and more effective human rights protection for all persons in Malta. 
Tel: 2010 6295 
Aġenzija Sapport
Aġenzija Sapport is committed to enhance the quality of life of persons with disability through innovative personalised support, expertise, and advocacy.
Tel: 21442121 

Aġenzija Żgħażagħ
To promote the interests of young people and to provide assistance to youth organisations and young people in achieving their potential.
Tel: 21232999

Aġenzija Appoġġ as the National Agency for children, families and the community, safeguards and promotes the well-being of these persons through the development and provision of psycho-social welfare services.
Tel: 2295 9000

Caritas mission is to alleviate poverty, promote human development and social justice. They provide free counselling services and run various support groups.
Tel: 25906600 

Dar Merħba Bik
Dar Merħba Bik gives shelter to women and their children who are victims of domestic violence.
Tel: 21440035

Dar Emmaus
Dar Emmaus is the first shelter to be opened in Gozo to provide shelter for victims of domestic violence. 
Tel: 21552390

Department of Industrial and Employment Relations
The DIER provides information relating to the conditions of employment in various sectors of the Maltese economy. They help regulate employment contracts in an equitable manner so as to ensure that rights and obligations pertaining to each party in the contact are observed. Take necessary steps to assist the parties involved in employment relationship whose employment relationship has been terminated. They also facilitate industrial and international relations.
Tel: 21224245/6 

Drachma LGBTI
is a space for LGBTI persons to explore meaning, sexual and spiritual integration and to accompany LGBTI individuals who feel socially exluded.
Drachma Parents Group is the main space for parents, relatives and friends of LGBTI persons in order to help them understand, normalize and learn to accept their friend or relative who has a different sexual orientation to themseleves.
Tel: 79253875 

Fondazzjoni Dar il-Hena
Fondazzjoni Dar il-Hena administers two emergency shelters and one long term resdeintial shelter; Dar Papa Frangisku, Dar Maria Dolores and Reach Residential Home. The primary purpose of both shelters is to offer a 24 Hour emergency shelter for men and women and to offer a warm meal.

This Caritas service aims to improve the quality of life of older persons through social clubs in parishes, home visits and inter-generational activities
Tel: 25906600

Integra Foundation
Integra works towards its mission by engaging in four key areas: Advocacy, Research, Community Development, and International development. The Foundation’s vision is that of supporting inclusive, non-discriminating and non-disabling societies, where all individuals have the right to human dignity, freedom, respect and social justice. 
Tel: 21238724

Kellimni.com offers free online support to youth, through SmartMessaging, e-mails, chat or be participant in a forum. All of their services are, free and confidential.
Legal Aid
Legal Aid Malta can aid victims of crime, domestic violence and gender-based violence. It assures that people on a low income can be represented professionally and legally in a whole spectrum of litigation, defence and rights in a democratic society.

Malta Gay Rights Movement
MGRM offers various support services to individuals as well as their families and friends who are encountering difficulties relating to their sexuality or same sex-relationships. MGRM is an activist in terms of Gay rights and advocates in this regard on a regular basis. MGRM also campaigns for a number of legislative and policy changes to be introduced locally.
Tel: 21430009

Malta Microfinance  
Malta Microfinance gives small loans to help people through starting or expanding a business, moving into a flat, going to college or otherwise help them out of poverty.
Tel: 21225542

Men Against Violence
Men Against Violence aims to engage men and boys of any age to stand up and end all forms of violence. Particularly that against women and girls, be it domestic violence, dating violence, sexual abuse, harassment, stalking and rape. In order to achieve this, Men Against Violence aims to raise awareness of the issues at stake in an effort to foster healthy relationships between men and women.
Email: menagainstviolence13@gmail.com

Mental Health Malta
Mental Health Malta offers training regarding domestic violence to the police force. The service assists NGOs with human resource development.

Minus One Support Group For The Widowed
They are a small group of  people of all ages and background who have experienced the loss of a loved one. We provide peer support  to one another through difficult days. 

Mid-Dlam Għad-Dawl 
Provides support to both offenders and familes who have been impacted by their relatives' incarceration. 
Tel: 2780 1204

Millennium Chapel
Millenium Chapel offers assistance to all those needing support in a moment of crisis. It also acts as a meeting place for youths and local residents.
Tel: 21354464 

Multiple Sclerosis Society 
MSS primarily offers subsidised physiotherapy to its members with multiple sclerosis and group psychotherapy for the whole family. It also seeks new knowledge, disseminates it and applies it for the benefit of persons with MS.
Tel: 27896127 / 79210906

National Council of Women Malta
The NCW networks and shares good practice with European (ECICW) and International Counterparts (ICW) and finally it carries out dissemination through media interventions with the NCW newsletter, print media, Radio and TV, NCW Website and Facebook.

Police Emergency Line
Tel: 112

Police General Headquarters 
Tel: 22942247

Programm Sebħ Dar Qalb ta' Ġesu
Dar Qalb ta' Ġesu is an NGO which offers a programme (Programme Sebħ) supporting women / mothers and their children / adolescents who experienced domestic violence in their homes. It is the only second stage shelter for these families after their initial stay at an emergency shelter.

Rainbow Support Service
The Rainbow Support Service offers the services of Social Workers with the aim to provide support and information to individuals and families who seek the help of the services for a number of reasons, such as issues in coming out, sexual health related issues, intra-personal struggles, inter-personal relationships, and issues in education and employment.

Richmond Foundation
Provides emotional support, residential day, community-based rehabilitation facilities for individuals with individuals with mental health difficulties. They also provide services which will prevent mental health problems in the work-place from developing and promote positive public awareness of mental health issues.
Tel: 21224580

SART (Sexual Assult Response Team)
A specialist team has been set up in order to work with Sexual Assault Victims in Malta. The team operates on a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week on call basis from Mater Dei Hospital. Victims’ of sexual assault can call at hospital at any time in order to access the following free services: Medical Check up, Legal  Respresentation, Police Intervention, Social Work Service, Free Psychological Services / Counselling Services
Tel: 21228333

Supportline 179 is the national helpline offering support, information about local social welfare services and other agencies, and a referral service to callers who requires support.
Tel: 179

Sedqa aims to increase public awareness of the harm caused by addictive behaviours and imparts skills in order to prevent or to delay the development of such patterns. It also supports persons who have developed an addiction and their significant others to modify their lifestyles so as to lead a healthier and more satisfying life whilst becoming productive citizens within society. 
Tel: 23885110

St Jean Antinde Foundation 
Their overall objective is to provide professional support services to very vulnerable persons who are sliding into poverty or are socially excluded. Its main areas of family support include the following:  Mental Health, Violence Against Women  (SOAR Support Group) and Community Social Work (Family Resource Centres)
Tel: 21808981 

Victim Support Malta
Provides both free legal consultation and emotional support for individuals who have been victimized by crime. 
Tel: 21228333

Victim Support Europe 
Victim Support Europe (VSE) is the leading European umbrella organisation advocating on behalf of all victims of crime, no matter what the crime, no matter who the victim is. VSE represents 43 national member organisations, providing support and information services to more than 2 million people affected by crime every year in 26 countries. 

Victim Support Unit
The Victim Support Unit will provide a single point of contact for victims of crime who come in contact with the police, and would require additional information and support.

Women’s Rights Foundation 
WRF aims to ensure that women’s rights are protected through policy and law reform, raise awareness and offer training to end violence against women.

YMCA addresses the needs of various client groups, ranging from troubled families, victims of domestic violence, homeless individuals, and people living in substandard accommodation.
Tel: 21240680