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Terms and conditions

Anyone who peruses this website agrees to abide by our terms and conditions.  Victim Support Online holds the right to modify, or remove portions of the terms below at any time. This can be done in order to make the specific changes to the content and services displayed on the website without any notice to the user or liability.


Victim Support Online provides action-facilitating support; which has two components; educative and tangible support. This service is not intended to provide advice from mental health or medical professionals. If these services are required then one should seek for such help by clicking on the ‘Useful Links’ section.

Anyone using the information, feedback and messages provided by Victim Support Online uses this information at their own risk. By using such information the service user agrees to indemnify Victim Support Online and its content providers from any liability, loss, injury, damages, costs and expenses (these include legal fees and expenses). Which arise from such a person’s use of information, feedback and resources on this website.

Copyright and Proprietary Rights Information

Victim Support Online does not monitor any website’s which are linked in our website. We are not responsible for the information, services and products of other sites and we cannot be held liable for any damages which were arose from the perusal of such websites. Any links which are displayed on our website are provided in order for the service user to have the right information disposable in one web page. However the inclusion of these links does not imply an endorsement of the content of the specific websites from Victim Support Online.

Unlawful or Prohibited Use

As a service user, you warrant Victim Support Online that you will not use the content of the website in an unlawful manner or prohibited by these terms and conditions.

Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting our service user’s privacy and we will not collect any personal information regarding service users unless they are willingly provided through the use of our website. In the case of any personal information that was voluntarily given by the service user, then it is our responsibility for the information to be kept within our own records in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2001. In order for the service user’s protection, VSO takes all the necessary safeguards to prevent unauthorised access. VSO assures its service users that their details will not be forwarded to any third parties unless we have the service user's consent to do so.

As a visitor we collect three types of information on you:

  • Contact or feedback information
  • Web page download information
  • Other information the service user voluntarily provides.

If the service user reads or downloads information from our website, this will be automatically collected and stored. The type of content which is saved consists of:

  • The date and time when the site was accessed
  • The specific information which was accessed.
  • The internet address of the web site or the domain name of the computer from which the service user accessed the site.

This information is strictly for the sole use of Victim Support Online, in which this data is not shared or sold to any other organization.

Overriding Conditions

If we have reason to believe that the service user or someone else is at risk or in serious harm we may need to inform the relevant authorities about this information. However, we always would prefer to try to work with the service user first to get the help s/he would like prior to seeking further assistance from others. We cannot abide by confidentiality in all cases as there are situations when we are legally bound to break confidentiality. These situations are in cases of; terrorism, suicidal ideation, legal compulsion or when the service user blatantly states that they are going to harm someone else. However, this can only be done if the service user has given identifying details in his or her e-mail or chat. If you feel that confidentiality is a pressing issue for you as a service user, one can decide not to give his/her identifying information such as username and home address until an agreement has been made on how we can assist you as a service user.
For the purposes of training and monitoring the quality of service all interactions with service users may be accessed by other members of staff or volunteers. However all of the staff at VSO is bound by our confidentiality policy. If any of the material above concerns you feel free to contact us at any time via e-mail.